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1 Technical
1.1 I am having issues checking out, what can I do?

Our site is hosted securely and our payment processor has robust security features.  Sometimes users with VPNs get flagged within our system as a part of these security measures. If you have issues checking out or getting your credit card to go through, please ensure that your VPN, if you have one, is temporarily turned off while checking out. 

If that is not your issue, or you don't want to turn off your VPN, you are always welcome to call us at 262-696-4204 and we can take your payment over the phone.

2 Store Info
2.1 What shipping services do you use?

We use USPS Priority Mail, FedEx and UPS.  Handguns must be shipped a 2-day Air service.  Long guns are usually shipped UPS ground.  Our policy is to send lower receivers and FCU's 2-Day Air.

2.2 What is your returns policy for purchases?

Firearm purchases that are not completed for any reason, e.g. declined background check, are subject to a 15% restocking fee. Background check fees are non-refundable.

Returns: All firearms sales are final. Notify us within 2 business days of items received damaged or defective, and return within 5 business days with receipt for a full refund. Returns for reasons other than defect or damage must occur within 10 business days and be accompanied by a receipt. Such items must be in unused and in re-sellable condition and are subject to a 15% restocking fee.

2.3 Do you have hunting rifles and shotguns?

Our physical store is relatively small space, so we consider ourselves a specialty gun shop that focuses on long-range precision shooting, tactical firearms (specifically the AR Platform), and handguns for concealed carry, personal defense and competition.    

For the hunters out there, we are always willing to special order items if they are available to us.  Ask us!

2.4 What brands do you carry?

We are official dealers of Aero Precision, Ballistic Advantage, VG6 Precision, Hogue, Alien Gear, and Midwest Industries, and we buy direct from them.  We are approved stocking dealers for Glock and Colt.

We carry a lot of other firearms and products from other manufacturers.  Please see our Brands page for a complete list.  We carry more brands in store than we do online.

2.5 Do you sell ammo?

Yes, we usually have the most popular handgun and AR calibers on hand, but only at our Pewaukee location in store.  We do not sell ammo online.

2.6 Can you special order something for me?

We can promise to try.   Given the status of the supply chain in this industry right now, there are many items simply unavailable to us. We can't promise to be able to acquire specific items, but we are always willing to look for you.  If it's available to us, we are happy to order it for you.   We work with some of the biggest and best distributors in the country.

If you're not in a huge hurry, most of our suppliers will notify us when specific items become available.  If not now, there's always the possibility it could be next week or next month.  We will always call prior to ordering on your behalf, especially if it's been a while since you made your request.

We are official dealers of and buy direct from Aero Precision, Ballistic Advantage, VG6 Precision, Hogue, Alien Gear, and others. Please ask, especially if the item you seek is one of those brands.

If we are able to find it through one of our main suppliers, items usually arrive in 7-10 days.  

2.7 Do you buy guns or do trade-ins?

No, we do not purchase guns from customers outright.  Very occasionally we will do trade-ins, at our discretion, if it is something we know we can resell or something of exceptional quality or interest.  For the most part, we deal in factory new firearms and custom builds by Wraith Precision.

2.8 Do you have used guns?

We have a VERY limited selection of used firearms that we have acquired.  We do not sell any of our used firearms on our website at this time, so please stop in the shop or call us for availability.  We do not deal at all in antique or curio firearms.

2.9 Do you offer classes?

We do not offer classes as we do not have the space, but please check on our Local Resources page for places that do in Waukesha and surrounding counties.

2.10 Do you have a shooting range?

We do not, but please check on our Local Resources page for ranges in Waukesha and surrounding counties.

2.11 Do you ship internationally?

No, we do not ship internationally.  

2.12 Are you able to ship the guns you have online anywhere in the US?

Unless your state laws prevent it for some reason, most likely.  Be sure to know your state laws.

We do not carry a lot of models that are specifically state compliant (CA, MA, NJ, NY, HI, etc) as we are in Wisconsin.  There are a few, however, and those are generally noted in the "additional info" part of the item details.  

2.13 Can you ship magazines to me?

Well, that depends on the laws of your state.   There are capacity limits in the following states:

  • 10-Rd Limit: CA, CT, HI, MA, NJ, NY and DC
  • 15-Rd Limit: CO, VT
  • 20-Rd Limit: VA

Other laws and limits may apply in specific areas.  

2.14 Do you do background checks on behalf of private sellers?

We do.  If you are a private seller and want to make sure that the buyer is eligible to purchase the gun, we will run a background check for you on your behalf.  The fee is $30 for all types of firearms.

Please note that we require the background check to be accompanied by an actual bill of sale for a specific firearm(s) including associated serial number(s).  Feel free to download a General Firearm Bill of Sale for private sales and transfers from private parties if you do not have one already.

2.15 Do you offer a cash discount?


2.16 Do you offer a military / veteran / police discount?

Yes, in store, we offer 3% discount upon request.

3 Background Checks
3.1 How are background checks done in Wisconsin?

Background checks for long guns (rifles, shotguns, lower receivers) are done through NICS (FBI). Background checks for handguns (pistols, revolvers, ar/ak pistols, fire control units) are done through the state of WI.   

If you purchase more than one long gun at the same time, the background check is done through NICS.  If you purchase a long gun and a handgun at the same time, the background check will be done through the state.

Different states have different procedures, so if you do not live in Wisconsin, this may not apply.  Please check on your state laws before purchasing any firearm online.  See also Gun Purchasing Process - In Store

3.2 What do you need to pass a background check?
In general, to pass the check you must:
  • Provide your address, place of birth, height, weight, sex, birth date, ethnicity, and race
  • Verify you are:
    • The actual buyer of the firearm
    • A citizen of the United States
  • Verify you are NOT:
    • Under indictment for a felony or any crime for which the judge can imprison you for more than a year
    • A convicted felon
    • A fugitive from justice
    • An unlawful drug user
    • Mentally defective
    • A recipient of a dishonorable discharge from the Military
    • The subject of a domestic restraining order
    • A convicted domestic abuser
    • An illegal alien

Please see Purchasing Guns Online for more information

3.3 How long does the background check take?

It is variable.  Sometimes it's 5 minutes, sometimes 5 days.  Most of the people that come into our shop receive a response the same day or next day.   For handguns, the state of Wisconsin MUST reply within 5 business days one way or the other. There is no mandatory waiting period in Wisconsin.

3.4 What happens if my background check is declined?

Firearm purchases that are not completed due to a declined background check are subject to a 15% restocking fee on the cost of the firearm.  Background check fees are non-refundable.  You will not be able to take possession of the firearm, but will be provided with information on how to appeal the decision.  Please see Gun Purchasing Process - In Store for an overview of the gun purchasing process.

Note: this applies to firearm purchases from the inventory of Wraith Precision in-store.  For transfers, please see the policy of the seller.

3.5 Is there a mandatory waiting period in Wisconsin?

No, there is no longer a mandatory waiting period for purchasing guns in Wisconsin.

4 Transfers
4.1 What is the transfer process?
4.2 Will you give me your FFL number or a copy of your license?

No, sorry.  We prefer to handle this internally, and dealer-to-dealer.   If you are doing a transfer and the seller requires a copy of our FFL, please have them contact us at [email protected] to request it directly.