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US Law Shield

Wraith Precision is pleased to be a US Law Shield Partner! 

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How US Law Shield makes you feel safe

  • Nationwide network of Independent Program Attorneys (IPAs)
  • 24/7/365 emergency access to an attorney-answered hotline
  • Legal representation for both criminal and civil cases
  • Zero attorneys’ fees for covered events—no limits, caps or deductibles
  • Legal updates and State-specific guides
  • Unlimited access to our informative resources
  • Members get all this, and more, for less than 50 cents a day

Types of USLS Coverage

  • USLS Basic
  • After Bang Emergency Plan
  • Gunowner Identity Theft Coverage
  • Minor Children Coverage
  • Multi-State Coverage
  • Bail Bond & Expert Witness Coverage
  • HunterShield Coverage

Wraith Precision and US Law Shield

About US Law Shield

It may be surprising to hear that most people don’t consider the act of self-defense a “crime.” But chances are all parties involved will be part of an investigation, and charges against either side may result. In an instant, you may go from having just protected the ones you love to finding your freedom is at stake. In that moment, you will immediately need to find, contract, and pay for a local criminal defense attorney. This would usually mean a lot of unplanned expense and even financial ruin for some. Therefore, our program supports self-defense planning and preparedness, and if ever needed, legal defense for self-defense. Further, our legal plan program provides legal defense for all police investigations, pre-trial proceedings, and both criminal and civil trials. Members find our program a very affordable alternative that provides peace of mind and immediate access to an attorney, anytime, if ever an emergency occurs.  

You’ll find we have a singular focus on providing legal defense for self-defense and offer multiple plans based on the unique situations of our members. You can “build your own” legal plan to fit your needs, your household, and your budget. And if you work as a security officer, a first responder, or are a hunter, we offer plans that address the special risks and legal issues that can arise. 



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