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Making and keeping your firearms exactly as you want them to be...with precision!

We can do just about anything you need done with our brand new equipment and expertise.  We have a small, but full-featured shop that includes vertical milling (CNC), lathe, grinding, sanding, sand blasting, cutting/sawing and welding capabilities.

  • Clean and oil
  • Function and safety check
  • Diagnose and repair malfunctions
  • Ring and scope installation
  • Sight adjustment/replacement
  • Bore sighting
  • Drill and tap receiver
  • Cut/re-cut dovetails
  • Remove obstructions from bore
  • Remove stuck case from chamber
  • Check headspace
  • Chamber and fit barrel to action
  • Cut and crown barrel
  • Thread muzzle
  • Install muzzle device
  • Choke installation
  • Trigger work
  • Action smoothing
  • Stock repair
  • Glass and pillar bedding
  • Recoil pad installation
Gunsmithing Shop

Hourly Shop Rate: $65

Minimum Charge: $45

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