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Making and keeping your firearms exactly as you want them to be...with precision!

We can do just about anything you need done with our well-equipped onsite shop and expertise.  We have a small, but full-featured shop that includes vertical milling (CNC), lathe, grinding, sanding, sand blasting, cutting/sawing and welding capabilities.   

No appointment is necessary to bring your gun in for service. 

Service times vary depending on the time of year.  Hunting season is a busy time for us with cleanings, scope mountings and repairs, so please keep that in mind October - December where we tend to run 2-3 weeks on work orders.

  • Clean and oil
  • Function and safety check
  • Diagnose and repair malfunctions
  • Ring and scope installation
  • Sight adjustment/replacement
  • Bore sighting
  • Drill and tap receiver
  • Remove obstructions from bore
  • Remove stuck case from chamber
  • Check headspace
  • Chamber and fit barrel to action
  • Cut and crown barrel
  • Thread muzzle
  • Install muzzle device
  • Trigger work
  • Action smoothing
  • Basic stock repairs
  • Glass and pillar bedding
  • Recoil pad installation

We work on nearly all rifles and pistols and pump/semi-auto shotguns. 

We offer limited service to break open, side by side and over-under shotguns.

We do NOT do the following:

  • Complete Re-Bluing (touch-ups only)
  • Complete Stock Refinishing (touch-ups only)
  • Revolver barrel replacements or setbacks


Gunsmithing Shop

Hourly Shop Rate: $65

Minimum Charge: $45

Contact Us for a Quote

[email protected]



If you are not in the SE Wisconsin area, but would like your firearm serviced, please contact us to make arrangements.  Note that distance service will involve additional time due to shipping here and back, and you will need to make your payment over the phone.