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Cerakote Services


Wraith Precision is excited to partner with Grage Industries, local B2B certified Cerakote applicators, for all your Cerakote needs. 

Want an awesome custom Wraith AR built?  Protect your investment and show off some style with a quality Cerakote finish.  Want to jazz up your Glock or other handgun?  Bring them to us, and they'll be done right.  Have ideas, but not sure how much it will cost or how long it will take?  Request a quote by email at [email protected]


What is Cerakote?

Cerakote is an industry leading ceramic thin-film coating that can be applied to metals, plastics, polymers, wood and so much more. 

Cerakote Services Provided

  • Cerakote Elite
  • Cerakote H Series
  • Cerakote C Series
  • Cerakote FX
  • Cerakote Micro Slick
  • GunCandy



Description Prices starting at
AR Upper Receiver $80
AR Lower Receiver


AR Handguard


AR Upper/Lower/Handguard Combo (all same color)


AR Barrel


AR Bolt Carrier Group - Microslick


Glock Frame $90
Other Pistol Frames


Glock Slide $90
Other Slides $100
Pistol Barrel $55
Complete Pistol Magazine $70
Magazine Baseplate Only $30



  • Custom Pistol Jobs - Camo, Gun Candy, Personalized
  • Complete Pistol
  • Trigger and Small Parts
  • Complete AR
  • AR Magazine
  • Miscellaneous Parts
  • Custom AR Job - Camo, GunCandy, Personalized

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